Benefits of Guarana Supplements for Your Health & Productivity

When you look at your daily tasks in the morning, you may think, "How in the world should I manage to accomplish them all?". And you're not alone with that feeling — a Benenden Health survey has found that the most common reason for stress at a workplace is a high workload. Actually, handling a busy life and work pace can be extremely tiring when your body and mind aren't ready for it. That's why so many ambitious achievers are looking for solutions to boost their health, energy, and work productivity.

Thus, before googling productivity courses and looking for a reason for your constant fatigue, you can improve your performance by taking supplements. In such a case, guarana is one of the best herbal remedies to help you achieve your goals and maintain your wellbeing. You should know it as an ingredient for energy drinks, but it has way more benefits for your body and mind. Dive in and uncover everything about guarana and how to take it if you want to level up your work performance and boost health.

Guarana: primary purpose and available forms

The first thing you should know about guarana is that it's a powerful and helpful stimulant. This Amazonian plant, whose berries look like tiny eyes, is a perfect alternative for artificial energizing drinks and energy-boosting pills. US scientists claim that guarana contains four times more caffeine than coffee beans. The chemicals in it also have stimulating effects. So it gives you more energy than a coffee or simple caffeine pill. Moreover, it includes essential antioxidants and organic compounds that protect your body from toxins and radicals.

Supplements in a package

Still, mainly due to the energy-boosting property, guarana is so popular as an ingredient for energy drinks, snacks, and supplements. You can find it in the form of powders, gummies, pills, and teas, but it can be unclear for you how exactly it can help you become healthier and more productive. So now, let's see what makes guarana such an outstanding supplement for boosting your performance.

Guarana may reduce fatigue and give you a long-term energy boost

You are looking for a natural energy-boosting solution that's not coffee? Or maybe you want to get rid of your coffee addiction without being low on energy? Then try guarana in supplement form since guarana-containing energy drinks have a less durable effect. Suppose you suffer from "brain fog" and workplace fatigue after a long day of strenuous mental work. In that case, guarana will reduce these symptoms, helping you get a second wind. Northumbria University study shows taking vitamins with guarana is effective against brain fatigue.

If you're a devoted coffee lover, then you may have faced post-caffeine crashes. They reduce concentration, lower your energy, and make you sleepy. In turn, guarana doesn't have such effects. Psychologists have found that guarana has the most significant energy-boosting impact compared to coffee and yerba mate without a crash later. Therefore, take guarana to maintain a sustainable focus and stay energized for a longer time.

Guarana supports your heart health

If you're among those people worried about caffeine's effect on your heart, then prefer guarana instead of coffee. It's rich in antioxidants with a beneficial property - to fight free radicals that cause heart diseases and cancer. Plus, these antioxidants help reduce oxidative stress, damaging your heart and vessels.

A woman doing her workout after taking guarana supplement

Another heart-beneficial property of guarana is that it promotes healthy lipids metabolism and prevents further accumulation of LDL, which can lead to cardiovascular diseases. So guarana effects are similar to those that provide green tea but a few times more potent. Thus, if you want to reduce your risk of getting heart disease, taking guarana supplements will be wise.

Guarana could improve your learning skills and memory

Okay, but what about the cognitive benefits of guarana? Sometimes, high energy levels are not enough to prove your professionalism and skills. Though, taking guarana can also help you level up your brain performance. Northumbria University's study claims that consuming guarana together with vitamins and minerals enhances the accuracy of your working memory and picture recognition speed.

At the same time, guarana can help you stand out from your colleagues by completing tasks faster and with better outcomes. Survey has found that taking guarana allows you to show better cognitive performance, mainly due to its stimulating effect. In addition, if you're suffering from the "brain fog" and find it hard to focus, guarana can fix that. It increases your alertness and concentration on a task while providing mental clarity. Therefore, you'll be able to stay on top of your brain performance during the day.

Guarana helps promote gut health

The sedentary lifestyle that is common among career people can lead to particular gut problems like constipation. If you have faced it once, you should know how uncomfortable and stressful such health issues can be. In turn, guarana is a great natural cure for this gut issue since it contains much fiber. Meanwhile, its organic compounds positively affect the gut microbiome, altering it to ease constipation symptoms.

A prson eating healthy lunch

If you're struggling with diarrhea, guarana can help normalize your stool. Its biomolecule, tannin, can assist by contracting tissues in your digestive tract. Still, be careful with the dosages because consuming high amounts of caffeine will lead to a laxative effect.

Guarana provides anti-aging effects

The fear of aging is one of the most common in the world — the survey has found that almost 90% of people had at least one fear related to aging. Still, instead of being afraid, you can take action now to slow down your aging process. For example, guarana can help you protect your brain cells from destruction due to its antioxidative properties.

In other words, taking guarana supplements will help you lower your risks of getting an aging-associated disease like Alzheimer's or dementia. Additionally, it will help you relieve chronic pains related to aging, have a clear mind and an agile body for a longer time.

Guarana may boost your metabolism

When you have an extremely busy lifestyle, you probably won't have time for gym and healthy eating (unless you follow our blog). A combination of low physical activity and poor nutrition can slow down your metabolism process, leading to obesity and high cholesterol levels. In turn, taking guarana will help you reverse those unfavorable effects and maintain a healthy metabolism.

A few supplement pills on the table

A study that included people who took guarana regularly and those who never consumed it had surprising results. Scientists have found that subjects who were consuming guarana had a lower prevalence of metabolic syndrome and obesity. Meanwhile, guarana also modulates hormones that help you reduce energy and food intake. Thus, if you want to eat less and speed up your metabolism, taking guarana will help you.

Guarana could provide a pain relief

Aside from all health benefits, guarana could also be a potent pain-killer. For example, ancient Amazonian tribes chewed guarana seeds to relieve the pain of childbirth. That's because guarana is packed with caffeine - a natural painkiller that can also help relieve headaches, muscle aches, and toothaches. A massive caffeine dose, found in guarana, blocks adenosine receptors, responsible for causing painful feelings.

So if you’re facing any kind of painful sensations but don’t want to take artificial painkillers, then opt for guarana. It may help you stay on track of your daily productivity without being weak, exhausted, or sluggish. Plus, since it’s a natural supplement, you won’t damage your health.

Guarana could contribute to your skin health & appearance

When browsing skincare treatments, you may find out that many of them contain guarana extract. Manufacturers choose it because of guarana’s potent antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. A study has also found that by consuming guarana supplements, you may experience visible anti-aging effects on your skin. The stimulating effect of this herbal extract boosts the blood flow and helps supply your skin with essential nutrients for improved elasticity and cellular metabolism.

Guarana supplement pills and powder

Another study has also discovered the direct effect of guarana treatments on your skin. Scientists have found that by applying them, you may reduce sagging, boost skin tightness, and lift your skin in the most affected face zones. So if your goal is youthful, smooth skin, then try guarana-infused treatments for this goal.

How to select the correct dosage of guarana?

When shopping for guarana supplements, you can find this herbal remedy in various dosages (from 25 to 500 mg) and forms. Still, it's not always clear how much you should take. Plus, you should bear in mind that guarana has more caffeine than regular coffee or caffeine pills. Though, science has backed us by giving specific guidelines.

Northumbria University's study has tested the effects of lower and higher guarana doses and found that lower amounts of guarana provide more positive benefits. Study results state that 75 mg of guarana once a day is the most optimal dosage. Another study claims you can safely take 50 mg of guarana twice a day - in the morning and after lunch.

So guarana supplement is a convenient solution that you can carry in your bag and take whenever you need a quick energy boost, brain support, or pain relief. Don't hesitate to give it a try and you won't regret it!

Overdosing and side-effects

When you take a higher dose of guarana for a long time, it may lead to unpleasant side effects and overdosing. For example, taking 300 mg of guarana due to the high content of caffeine may cause sleep disturbance and insomnia. If your body doesn't tolerate caffeine well, taking larger doses of guarana can increase your blood pressure and make you dizzy.

A few supplement pills on a palm

Other side-effects of overdosing by guarana are:

  • diarrhea
  • anxiety
  • vomiting
  • arrhythmia
  • nausea
  • stomach cramps
  • tremors and other health issues.

That's why we would recommend you to stick to the recommended dosage and stop taking guarana if you face one of the mentioned symptoms. Still, these unpleasant consequences only happen if you're taking high guarana doses (with 400 mg of caffeine inside and more) for a long time. In general, poisoning or overdosing by guarana isn't frequent, so you should worry about it when consuming guarana in moderate amounts.

Wrapping up

Energy and productivity are crucial indicators of your work performance, so boosting them means progressing in your career. However, energy drinks are primarily unhealthy for your heart. Meanwhile, coffee is a pretty limited source of brain productivity and energy. At that point, guarana stands out among other stimulants, being more beneficial to your brain productivity and energy level.

Taking guarana as a supplement won't lead you to caffeine crashes, unexpectedly making you sleepy and tired. This Amazonian plant contains many antioxidants and organic compounds to protect your brain from aging and provide you with mental clarity for better work performance. At the same time, guarana affects your inner processes, helping you maintain good metabolism, decent gut health, and a strong heart. Plus, taking guarana supplements can positively influence your learning skills and memory, which may help you climb a career ladder and fulfill your ambitions faster!