Supplement: Acai Berry

Benefits of acai berries

  • may help you improve energy metabolism and become more vigorous, according to the study
  • can reduce depression and anxiety, scientists claim
  • are effective for supporting heart health, survey shows
  • are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, study says.

Acai berries may help you improve energy metabolism and become more vigorous

Researchers have found that this superfood is extremely rich in vitamins B2, B3, B6, and vitamin K. These micronutrients help your body boost energy metabolism and get more energy with consumed foods. So instead of facing constant hunger and loading yourself with additional snacks, you can start enjoying the long-lasting satiety from your meals. At the same time, these vitamins increase your body's ability to produce ATP energy-carrying cells, which means you'll be able to work out more effectively.

Resource: Nutrition and you: Acai berry nutrition facts

Acai berries can reduce depression and anxiety

This Amazonian superfood appears to be a fantastic brain protector and mood enhancer. University of Para's study discovered that consuming acai berry products reduce oxidative stress related to depression. In turn, depression can lead to memory loss, poor productivity, and motivation drops, negatively affecting your career growth. By consuming acai berry supplements, you can decrease oxidative processes, which might help you reduce depression symptoms, maintaining your brain health.

Resource: National Library of Medicine: Antidepressant and Antiaging Effects of Acai in Mice

Acai berries are effective for supporting heart health

Nutrition Journal study has found that you can reduce your total cholesterol, especially "bad cholesterol" markers, by consuming acai berries. Moreover, consuming acai may help you lower blood glucose and insulin levels, which is beneficial if you want to avoid diabetes and following heart disorders. Due to its high antioxidants content, acai supplements are also effective if you want to protect your arteries from hardening. In other words, taking acai berry supplements is a convenient way to maintain blood vessels health!

Resource: Nutrition Journal: Effects of Acai berry preparation on metabolic parameters in a healthy overweight population

What is acai berry?

Acai berry is a dark purple berry that grows on acai palm trees native to Brazil. It tastes like a mix of grape juice and dark chocolate, making it a perfect topping for bowls, desserts, and oatmeal. But aside from being really delicious and picturesque food, acai berries are also incredibly healthy and beneficial to your body. Acai berries are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. You can take it as a powder, juice, puree, or in a supplement form.