Supplement: Copper

Benefits of copper

  • may enhance your energy metabolism, study says
  • contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • can help you create new memories and build neural connections, scientists claim
  • contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissues
  • is beneficial for your heart, muscles, and skin by assisting with collagen production, research proves.

Copper may enhance your energy metabolism

Your daily activity is more like barely trudging through a string of weekdays? Then your body may be signaling about copper deficiency. A study reveals this mineral is essential for your ATP cells (energy cells) to produce energy. When you’re copper-deficient, this state may disrupt your energy production, make you tired and sleepy. In addition, copper is necessary for iron absorption. If you lack it, you can develop anemia, which makes you sluggish and weak.

Source: ResearchGate: Copper exposure significantly lowers mitochondrial ATP production capacity

Copper can help you create new memories and build neural connections

Suppose you find it complex to memorize info that you’ve obtained recently. In that case, it can prevent you from gaining new skills, negatively affect your work productivity and career growth. Scientists claim complications with memorizing things can appear if you’re copper-deficient because this mineral is necessary for enzymes to supply your brain with energy.

Cooper also helps build new neural connections, possibly allowing you to boost your logical thinking and reasoning. So if you want to have a sharp mind and continue to develop your skills, copper supplements could be beneficial to you.

Source: Washington University in St. Louis: Copper helps brain function — could tweaking circuits make us smarter?

Copper is beneficial for your heart, muscles, and skin by assisting with collagen production

In addition to all benefits for your productivity and stamina, copper may help you maintain decent health. Scientists have found out that this mineral helps create collagen in your body, thus sustaining the elasticity of blood vessels, muscle tone, and function. All the above may contribute to maintaining a healthy heart and skin appearance.

Source: Copper Development Association: Copper is Essential for Health and Nutrition

What is copper?

Copper is a trace mineral that is essential for numerous enzymes, neuron communication, and energy production. Your body can store only a tiny amount of it, so it’s better to take copper regularly with supplements. This mineral deficiency could lead to such dangerous states as anemia, cognitive decline, memory loss, and heart issues. Thus, taking copper as a supplement may be beneficial for you as a busy achiever to avoid unproductive days.