Supplement: Guarana

Benefits of Guarana

  • can give a more potent energy boost than coffee and energy drink, study says
  • may promote healthy lipids metabolism and prevent further accumulation of “bad cholesterol”
  • may enhance your memory accuracy and help you perform cognitive tasks faster, scientists claim
  • has antioxidative properties, protecting your brain cells, the research found
  • is possibly helpful for reducing oxidative stress that damages your heart and vessels.

Guarana can give a more potent energy boost than coffee and energy drink

Suppose you suffer from "brain fog" and workplace fatigue after a long day of strenuous mental work. In that case, you may reach for a sugary energy drink or a coffee cup. However, consider taking a guarana supplement if you want to enjoy a long-term and effective energy boost. Scientists have found that guarana, aside from caffeine content, also has energy-boosting chemicals. They heighten the stimulant effects of guarana over caffeine alone, making it more effective than coffee or energy drink.

If you're a devoted coffee lover, then you may have faced post-caffeine crashes. They reduce concentration, lower your energy, and make you sleepy. In turn, guarana doesn't have such effects. The study has also proven that guarana has the most significant energy-boosting effect compared to coffee and yerba mate without a crash later.

Source: US National Library of Medicine: Guarana Provides Additional Stimulation over Caffeine Alone in the Planarian Model

Guarana may enhance your memory accuracy and help you perform cognitive tasks faster

Sometimes, high energy levels are not enough to prove your professionalism and skills. Though, taking guarana may also help you level up your brain performance. A study claims that consuming guarana together with vitamins and minerals can enhance the accuracy of your working memory and picture recognition speed.

At the same time, guarana can possibly help you stand out from your colleagues by completing tasks faster and with better outcomes. Taking guarana can allow you to show better cognitive performance, mainly due to its stimulating effect. It’s helpful for increasing your alertness and concentration on a task while providing mental clarity.

Source: National Library of Medicine: Improved cognitive performance and mental fatigue following a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement with added guaraná

Guarana has antioxidative properties, protecting your brain cells

Guarana can also help you protect your brain cells from destruction due to its antioxidative properties. Research says that taking it as a supplement may lower your risks of getting an aging-associated disease like Alzheimer's or dementia. If you want to stay on top of your performance as long as possible, taking guarana may help you with that purpose.

Source: Sao Paulo Medical Journal: The effects of long-term administration of guarana on the cognition of normal, elderly volunteers

What is guarana?

The main thing you should know about guarana is that it's a powerful stimulant. This Amazonian plant, whose berries look like tiny eyes, is a perfect alternative for artificial energizing drinks and energy-boosting pills. Its berries are dried and blended into powder to create supplement powders, pills, and tonics. Scientists claim that guarana contains four times more caffeine than coffee beans.