Supplement: Iron

Benefits of Iron

  • contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin
  • helps you avoid anemia, possibly boosting your endurance by 45%, study claims
  • contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • can relieve irritability, headaches and enhance your focus, according to scientists
  • may help you sleep better and lower your risks of getting insomnia, research says.

Iron helps you avoid anemia, possibly boosting your endurance by 45%

According to scientists, as an oxygen "carrier," iron is a vital mineral in your body. They claim this mineral deficiency causes a low level of hemoglobin. It leads to a severe heart disorder called anemia, which may strongly impair your daily performance. During anemia, you're low on energy, have sudden attacks of weakness, and constant tiredness, making it hard for you to focus and think clearly.

Meanwhile, iron may help maintain your muscles' function — it supplies them with the necessary oxygen to contract. At the same time, iron-related anemia can reduce your endurance by more than 45%. Therefore, taking iron supplements in some cases may help you boost energy levels.

Source: The Journal of Nutrition: Iron Deficiency and Reduced Work Capacity: A Critical Review of the Research to Determine a Causal Relationship

Iron can relieve irritability, headaches and enhance your focus

Scientists claim that lack of iron in your blood can affect your cognitive performance no matter how much sleep you get or what food you eat. Iron-related anemia can disturb your focus, causes headaches, and makes you easily irritable. With sufficient iron levels in the blood, you may find it easier to perform cognitive tasks that include spatial processing or reasoning. It may happen due to the high content of oxygen in your brain, which enhances its performance.

Source: National Institutes of Health: Iron Dietary Supplement Fact Sheets

Iron may help you sleep better and lower your risks of getting insomnia

Have troubles with falling asleep at night? Then consider adding iron to your daily supplementation! A study proves iron deficiency causes insomnia and sleep disturbances, so you may get enough sleep without medications by taking iron supplements. Meanwhile, anemia contributes to anxiety and depression symptoms, which are also related to insomnia.

Source: Chinese Medical Journal: Anemia and insomnia: a cross-sectional study and meta-analysis

What is iron?

Iron is a trace mineral vital for maintaining a decent hemoglobin level, strong immunity, and healthy growth. But our bodies fail to get all the iron from our meals — that's the most common reason why so many people (almost 25% worldwide) have iron deficiency. Low iron levels are linked to overall weakness, impaired brain performance, low immunity, and poor concentration. If you lack iron, you'll find it hard to exercise and work efficiently, face constant headaches and migraines.