Supplement: L-Lysine

Benefits of L-lysine

  • helps you turn fats into energy, boosting your energy, study claims
  • can prolong your sleep duration and allow you to fall asleep faster, research says
  • may reduce your anxiety and enhance mood, according to the scientists
  • helps boost collagen production, study finds
  • is effective for maintaining hormonal balance, research shows.

L-lysine enables you to turn fats into energy, boosting your energy

This amino acid may help you get more energy from your meals, making you more energized and helping you eat less to avoid sleepiness. Study says it allows your body to produce carnitine - another amino acid responsible for turning fatty acids into energy. So taking it may help you perform better during workouts, boost your endurance, and allow you to stay vigorous.

Resource: Mount Sinai: Lysine Amino Acid

L-lysine may reduce your anxiety and enhance mood

Juggling a successful career and personal life could be stressful and disrupt your productivity. No wonder almost 95% of busy achievers experience stress at work. However, by taking L-lysine supplements, you can possibly get rid of anxious thoughts and focus solely on your current tasks. This amino acid reduces the cortisol levels in your blood, thus, helping to lower your anxiety and enhance mood.

Resource: National Library of Medicine: Oral treatment with L-lysine and L-arginine reduces anxiety and basal cortisol levels in healthy humans

L-lysine can prolong your sleep duration and allow you to fall asleep faster

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night and waking up even more tired than before? Then consider taking lysine to help yourself forget about sleepless nights. This amino acid can prolong your sleep without causing addiction. A study has found that taking lysine supplements just for three days can significantly increase your sleep duration. It happens due to the calming effect on the nervous system, reducing your stress levels and allowing you to fall asleep faster.

Resource: ScienceDirect: Enhancement of hexobarbital-induced sleep by lysine and its metabolites

L-lysine helps boost collagen production

Another beneficial lysine property is to boost collagen production, which can help you with numerous health disorders. First, it helps to heal fractures and wounds faster. In addition, lysine speeds up bone recovery after injuries since collagen helps rebuild damaged tissues. Finally, it may improve your skin appearance and reduce wrinkles.

Resource: US National Library of Medicine: Lysine post-translational modifications of collagen

What is L-lysine?

L-lysine is an essential amino acid, which means your body can’t produce it yourself and should get it with your diet in the form of supplements. Lysine is necessary for energy metabolism, helping you convert fatty acids into energy. This amino acid also helps your body regulate hormone production, lowering cortisol levels and boosting serotonin production.