Supplement: Omega-3 (EPA/DHA)

Benefits of Omega-3 (EPA/DHA)

  • may help you improve your memory and brain structure, according to the research
  • help maintain your brain health, scientists claim
  • may allow you to sleep longer and boost melatonin production, study says
  • support your heart health, study says
  • contribute to the maintenance of normal blood pressure.

EPA/DHA may help you improve your memory and brain structure

If your goal is to boost your productivity at the workplace, consider taking EPA/DHA supplements! Scientists claim that the high content of these fatty acids in the blood may improve your memory, brain structure, and grey matter volume. In addition, other brain-related Omega-3 functions link to supporting blood flow to the brain and promoting neuron communications, essential for your brain productivity and learning skills.

Resource: Harvard Medical School: Do Omega-3s protect your thinking skills?

EPA/DHA help maintain your brain health

Primarily, by taking an EPA/DHA supplement, you contribute to your brain health. Scientists claim these fatty acids function by protecting cell membranes throughout the brain to fight free radicals (annoying atoms that damage your cells and DNA). By taking EPA/DHA supplements, you may also slow down your brain aging processes and lower your risks of getting an age-related cognitive decline.

Resource: US National Library of Medicine: Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and the brain: a review of the independent and shared effects of EPA, DPA, and DHA

EPA/DHA may allow you to sleep longer and boost melatonin production

Do you find it hard to get enough sleep at night? Then consider taking EPA/DHA supplements to maintain healthy sleep patterns! A survey has shown that taking DHA can help you sleep longer, reduce sleep disturbance, and restore more energy while resting.Omega-3 may also boost melatonin production in your body. Additionally, it regulates your norepinephrine (stress hormone) level that may decrease your REM sleep duration. So if you have difficulties falling asleep or face insomnia frequently, EPA/DHA supplements may become a savior to your energy level.

Resource: Nutra Ingredients: Study says omega-3 supplements improve sleep in people with low fish consumption

EPA/DHA support your heart health

One of the main reasons you should reach for more EPA/DHA is to help maintain a healthy heart. A study shows that taking this combo as a supplement may lower your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, EPA/DHA supplements may help you reduce blood pressure, lower heart rate, and fight inflammation (that may irritate your blood vessels).

Resource: National Library of Medicine: Marine Omega-3 Supplementation and Cardiovascular Disease: An Updated Meta-Analysis of 13 Randomized Controlled Trials Involving 127 477 Participants

What is EPA/DHA?

EPA and DHA are long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish, shellfish, and some algae. A combination of these fatty acids is present in supplements. These fatty acids help form every cell membrane throughout your body and exert the cell receptors function in these membranes. Omega-3 acids also serve as a cell lubricant, maintaining communication between cells, their metabolism, and protein creation. Though your body can’t produce them, so it’s essential to get enough EPA/DHA with your diet or supplements.