Supplement: Taurine

Benefits of Taurine

  • can reduce your fatigue and improve athletic performance, study says
  • may boost your stress tolerance and help you beat insomnia, research claims
  • is possibly effective for supporting your digestive processes, scientists say
  • acts as an antioxidant, helping you reduce blood pressure and inflammation, scientists claim
  • is possibly helpful for regulating calcium levels in your body, according to the study.

Taurine may boost your stress tolerance and help you beat insomnia

Most people tend to avoid anxious thoughts and concerns during the day because they can disrupt productivity and make you stressed. But when you lay your head on the pillow - here they are, storming your mind! Mayo Clinic study claims that concerns and stress are among the top reasons for insomnia in most adults. If you want to start getting enough sleep finally, taurine supplements could be a great solution for that purpose!

A study has discovered that taurine acts as an inhibitor to neuronal firing, reducing your body’s activity by up to 86%. What’s more, taurine can help you maintain high neuronal plasticity, increasing your stress tolerance. That means taking it as a supplement can help prepare your body for a calm sleep without disruptions.

Source: Nature and Science of Sleep: Effect of taurine and caffeine on sleep-wake activity in Drosophila melanogaster

Taurine acts as an antioxidant, helping you reduce blood pressure and inflammation

A healthy heart is your key to an active lifestyle, necessary for a successful career. Taking taurine may help you achieve that goal! In addition to all its benefits, taurine is also a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. A study claims that it helps regulate blood pressure, relieving the tension of your blood vessels and heart muscle. Meanwhile, it’s also important to consume enough taurine to control cardiovascular diseases and possibly minimize your risks of getting them.

Source: Institute for Health and Sport: The Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Taurine on Cardiovascular Disease

Taurine can reduce your fatigue and improve athletic performance

When you have a super-busy lifestyle, you just can’t spend hours exercising. Instead, you want to get the maximum effect from your limited-time workouts. Plus, no one likes this extreme fatigue after workouts, which makes you exhausted and unproductive. That’s where taurine can help you! Research has found that taking taurine supplements can help you reduce neuromuscular fatigue and experience less of a downfall. So you can proceed with your work tasks just by taking a small break after exercises to chill down.

At the same time, research claims that taurine supplements can help you regulate body temperature, reduce muscle injury and oxidative stress. In other words, it can improve your athletic performance and help you work out more effectively.

Source: Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Sciences: The Effect of Short-term Taurine Amino Acid Supplement on Neuromuscular Fatigue, Serum Lactate Level and Choice Reaction Time after Maximal Athletic Performance

What is taurine?

Taurine is a non-protein essential amino acid mainly found in muscles, organs, and brain cells. It has numerous functions in your body: from protecting your cells from destruction to regulating the calcium levels in cells. In turn, taurine deficiency can lead to cognitive disorders and the progression of heart diseases. People with strict plant-based diets are at higher risks of becoming taurine deficient, so make sure you’re having enough of it. Taurine is primarily safe and doesn’t cause severe side effects when taken in appropriate dosages.