Supplement: Vitamin A

Benefits of Vitamin A

  • helps your body produce energy, research claims
  • may improve your learning skills and memory, study says
  • contributes to normal iron metabolisms
  • supports your healthy vision and may slow down age-related vision loss progression, according to scientists
  • contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

Vitamin A helps your body produce energy

It may disrupt your daily motivation if you feel tired and weak even after short exercises or activities. The reason could be a lack of vitamin A in your blood. Scientists have found that vitamin A helps your body synthesize ATP cells that produce energy for your activity. In turn, this vitamin deficiency may reduce your body’s energy production by 30%.

Source: NutraIngredients: Vitamin A’s role in energy production identified by scientists

Vitamin A may improve your learning skills and memory

Vitamin A content in your body relates to your brain health and cognitive function. The study says a decent amount of this vitamin is essential for the recovery of memory. A healthy balance of vitamin A contributes to your learning skills, boosting your brain performance. Taking it as a supplement may lower your chances of getting age-related cognitive disorders, for you to enjoy all the perks of a sharp mind.

Source: US National Library of Medicine: Significance of vitamin A to brain function, behavior, and learning

Vitamin A supports your healthy vision and may slow down age-related vision loss progression

According to a recent survey, 6 in 10 people reported experiencing eye strain at work, while almost all said it disrupts their work productivity. If you want to take care of your eyesight, vitamin A could be helpful for that purpose. A study says it contains pigment rhodopsin, which absorbs light in the retinal receptors. At the same time, vitamin A supplement helps reduce the progression of age-related vision loss.

Source: National Institutes of Health: Vitamin A Fact Sheet for Health Professionals

What is vitamin A?

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble micronutrient that you can find in two forms: preformed and provitamin A. Supplements usually contain a provitamin A, also called beta-carotene, because it has the most potent benefits for your eyesight, health, and brain function. Since it’s a fat-soluble vitamin, your body can store it longer. Thus, avoid taking too much of it to prevent overdosing.