Vintage Projector for Smartphones Lumitor InnovaGoods

Vintage Projector for Smartphones Lumitor InnovaGoods

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Introducing the Vintage Projector for Smartphones Lumitor InnovaGoods! Are you a gadget enthusiast looking for something unique and exciting? Well, look no further because InnovaGoods has got you covered! We bring you an incredible range of high-quality products that are not only functional and efficient but also boast an innovative design. And our Vintage Projector for Smartphones is no exception!

With its highly original design, this vintage smartphone projector is perfect for both children and adults who want to enjoy some entertaining time. It offers a whole new way to create a special ambiance and enjoy a movie session at home, whether you're alone or with company.

Made from sturdy cardboard, this tabletop projector features a lens with x8 magnification. And the best part? It's incredibly easy to use, without the hassle of cables or electricity. Plus, it's lightweight and portable, making it the perfect companion for your adventures. Take it anywhere you go and never miss out on the fun!

Using the Vintage Projector is a breeze. Simply insert your smartphone into the interior compartment and connect it to the suction cups. For the best experience, we recommend setting the volume and brightness on your smartphone to the highest level. To optimize the projection, make sure the room or screening space is completely dark, and point the lens at a white wall or ceiling.

Want to adjust the projection size? No problem! Just move the projector closer or further away from the projection surface, and voila! You can easily increase or reduce the size to suit your preference. The projector's extendable body allows you to manually adjust the distance between your mobile screen and the lens, ensuring a better focus and picture quality.

Now, it's important to note that the picture you'll get is the result of the projection and expansion of the picture on your smartphone screen, so it won't have the same quality as a conventional projector. But that doesn't take away from the charm and enjoyment of using this vintage-style projector.

Available in a sleek grey, green, and white color combination, the Vintage Projector for Smartphones Lumitor InnovaGoods is not only innovative and functional but also makes for an ideal gift. It's suitable for mobile phones with a size of up to 16 x 8 cm and can project onto any surface, be it the ceiling or wall.

So, why wait? Step into the world of nostalgia and entertainment with our Vintage Projector for Smartphones. Get yours today and create unforgettable movie nights and cherished memories!

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