Whey To Go Protein Powder Chocolate Flavored by Solgar (1162 Grams)

Whey To Go Protein Powder Chocolate Flavored by Solgar (1162 Grams)

  • Är en källa till långsiktig energi som hjälper till att fördröja trötthet och hålla dig på rätt spår
  • Kan hjälpa till att producera hormoner som gör dig mer alert och fokuserad
  • Kan förse din hjärna med viktiga näringsämnen och upprätthålla överföring av neuronsignaler
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You need a protein supplement that gives you the best of everything. Whey To Go Protein Powder by Solgar is a unique combination of whey protein powder, L-Glutamine, and BCAAs, scientifically formulated to contain micro-filtered protein. It is also a time-saving supplement because you can mix it with milk or water and take it with you on the go. Enjoy it in a delicious chocolate flavor!

About this product

Protein is a macronutrient made of amino acids. Protein digests slower in your intestine, making it a long-term energy source.

When carbs and fats supply you with energy, protein is a building material for all your organs, muscles, and hormones. In addition, every cell of your skin, bones, hair, and nails contains protein, so without it, your body wouldn't exist. Moreover, protein contributes to the creation of enzymes that are responsible for chemical reactions in your body.

What's also crucial is that protein helps your blood carry oxygen to organs, muscles, and tissues by making up hemoglobin. Therefore, protein is an integral element in your body that has numerous roles in maintaining healthy living.

What does the research say?

Protein is a source of long-term energy that helps delay fatigue

Since your body uses protein as a long-term energy source, a study claims that you may feel extreme fatigue and sleepiness if your diet lacks it. Plus, inflammatory processes may damage your tissues. If you don’t get enough protein, your body will lack repairing sources, causing pain and tiredness. Taking protein in a supplement form will help you fight hunger and avoid blood sugar spikes when eating sugary snacks or quick, simple carbs. Plus, if you work out regularly, taking protein may bring you back to the gym faster since it helps repair muscles and tissues.

Resource: National Library of Medicine: Protein Intake, Fatigue and Quality of Life in Stable

Protein helps you produce hormones that make you more alert and focused

Daily routine makes you sluggish and causes brain fog? Still, maintaining a strong focus is essential for showing high productivity at work and in personal life. Taking protein can help you - it helps your body produce dopamine and norepinephrine, making you more vigorous and alert. These hormones may allow you to concentrate on work tasks and waste less time on distractions.

Resource: Psychology Today: Brain Power: Why Proteins Are Smart

Protein may help you supply your brain with vital nutrients and maintain neuron signals transmission

Your brain consumes up to 20% of your body's energy. No wonder it needs numerous nutrients and chemicals to maintain your health and stay productive. Protein helps your brain receive more nutrients, maintain chemical balance, and improve mental clarity. Plus, proteins serve as transmitters of neuron signals, so your thinking speed and brain health depend on the amount of protein you consume.

Resource: BrainFacts: How Much Energy Does the Brain Use?

Cross-Flow mikrofiltrerat vassleproteinisolat*, fruktsocker (från betor), Cross-Flow mikrofiltrerat vassleproteinkoncentrat*, naturliga smaker: holländsk kakao, choklad, vanilj och smörknoppar, L-glutamin, fri form BCAA. (Leucin, Valin, Isoleucin), Bulkmedel: Sojalecitin, Förtjockningsmedel: Cellulosagummi, Medium Chain Triglycerides.
Innehåller mjölk och soja.

Som kosttillskott för vuxna, tillsätt 34 gram (ca 1 nivå skopa) till 237 ml vatten eller din föredragna mjölkkälla och rör om snabbt.

Om du tar några mediciner, är gravid, ammar eller har något medicinskt tillstånd, kontakta din läkare innan du tar något kosttillskott. Sluta använda och rådfråga din läkare om några biverkningar uppstår. Förvaras utom räckhåll för barn.

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