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Main sections in the ebook

Introduction to supplements: understand different supplements and why you should care about them. 

Supplements for a busy lifestyle: find out which supplements are most helpful for improving your brain work, energy levels, and sleep quality. 

Micronutrient deficiency risks: learn why it’s dangerous for you to ignore your micronutrient balance and what the consequences are.

Precautions when taking supplements: discover what to do to keep supplement intake on a safe level and avoid harming your health. 

Adjustments to your supplement intake: find valuable advice on adjusting supplements to your age, gender, eating preferences and health issues.

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What readers say about this ebook...


I have a stressful job and was curious about supplements that can help me with that. This ebook gave me some new ideas that I am trying out now. 

Stella Maike

This ebook differs totally from other health guides I've seen. I like its language, and that it gives practical suggestions, you can apply them in your life right away. And I finally found an effective herbal supplement for treating my insomnia! 

Edgars Matīss

Very structured and insightful book!

Marten Toon