Skin & Hair Support

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    Healthy skin and hair are not just part of your appearance - they can define how confident you feel. Taking these supplements makes you worry less about skin issues, thin hair, or brittle nails. They might help your body deliver more calcium to nails, supply your skin with essential collagen, and boost your hair growth.

    How can supplements help support your skin hair health?

    The skin and hair generally take a beating throughout the year. One of the best ways to care for them is through supplements promoting hair growth and prevent your skin from drying out. Good choices would be vitamins, minerals, "beauty powders" like collagen, and other nutrients that combat inflammation or support your skin hair from the inside out.

    Certain supplements will make your skin more smooth elastic, combating the signs of aging. Others can make your hair grow faster and shine, as you've just visited a salon. Alongside providing skin-calming benefits and improved skin repair, these supplements could help balance your hormones – the root of many beauty issues.

    1 product
    Vitamin D3 4000 iu by Solgar (60 capsules)
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