“Why is everyone around energized and successful in their life while I always feel behind, lacking energy and being unproductive?”

If you think that way, it’s time to look deeper into how you feel and what you can change. Are you suffering from “brain fog,” fatigue, apathy, or do you feel like you’re completely off the rails? You’re not alone - we all have those periods of feeling down! The key is to get out of that state and regain your stamina…

Because if you don’t, your lack of stamina can damage a lot in your life. Your career growth might slow down, your relationships with your beloved ones might suffer, and you just might feel like you are not living up to your potential.

Our free ebook has some great advice that can help you regain your stamina and productivity. Read more below and download it today!

We just have one requirement: please only download this ebook if you are serious about improving your life. Our ambition is to build a community of achievers. If you are not one, then there are thousands of motivational blogs out there for you.

Many career professionals are struggling with their energy

It’s hard to apply changes to your life, especially when your motivation and stamina are not the best. Still, thinking of what you can get instead of how hard it is to reach results may change everything.

Imagine yourself:

  • feeling energized throughout the day
  • being productive at work and feeling that your career is gaining traction
  • feeling good about your health and your body, knowing that you are taking care of it
  • having enough time for your beloved ones, your career, and yourself!

This lifestyle is definitely not outside of your grasp. You just need the right advice. We will not lie to you - our free ebook will not change your life. But it can nudge you in the right direction with advice that WORKS!

Our free Ebook covers four main topics

Supplements & Nutrition

You are what you eat (and what supplements you take). Learn what to put on your plate and how to fuel your body in the right way. No time-wasting recipes or long scientific descriptions - just suggestions you can apply in your life.


Working with your mind is quite important. Our ebook will help you catch the wave of effective workflow and get you out of the funk. You will become more productive and hopefully get that “zen” feeling of having energy.


Hard work isn’t an excuse for sitting around and not being active. We'll show you how to get your body moving, even if your schedule is hectic. Your body will thank you for it years later when other people spend their time running to doctors.


Are work issues stealing your sleep time? Discover the sleep practices that work and learn how to get more energy by sleeping the same hours. Those practices are no magic. They are just a thoughtful approach to preparing yourself for sleep.

Our Mission

Are you wondering who is behind this advice and ebook? Our DailyStamina crew is happy to meet you! Once, we struggled to have it all too: healthy lifestyle, successful career, time for hobbies.

Eating healthy, drinking more water, or staying fit is easier said than done. So we won’t just tell but show you how you can do that - in a way that works in real life. We’re putting up our experience, findings, and advice to save your time and help you avoid the mistakes that most people make. 

Our power crew is always here for you - to answer your questions, show you the right path, and tell you that you’re doing good. Because if you’re thinking about changing your life, then the life of your dream is just one step away!

Warmest regards,
Nick Collins and the rest of the team