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    Make your body's protection from viruses the #1 priority, and stop spending too much time on health tests. Power up your immunity without meds and special treatments! Take these immunity-strengthening supplements to boost your body's defensive system. These supplements might bring you back on track faster if you're already sick.

    How can supplements strengthen your immunity?

    Many things can cause weakened immunity - stress, illness, poor diet, toxins, and even eating too much of certain foods or drinking too much alcohol. Certain food supplements can help strengthen your immune system, so it won't be easy for those invaders to catch you off guard!

    Supplementing the body with specific nutrients helps it function at its best. Since the healthy immune system is composed of many elements, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, you can take them as supplements. The role of these supplements is to fill in any missing or deficient gaps in your diet.

    Some supplements are antioxidants, so they scavenge harmful compounds that cause cell damage in the body. Other supplements may have anti-inflammatory properties that help ease pain or reduce inflammation.

    3 products
    Solgar 50 capsules Vitamin E  and its brown supplement jar on the white background
    Products that contain Vitamin E and three benefits for your health
    Vitamin E 200 iu by Solgar
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    Vitamin D3 4000 iu by Solgar (60 capsules)
    Solgar 250 capsules Selenium and its brown supplement jar on the white background
    Nuts that contain Selenium and its three benefits for your health
    Selenium 200 mcg by Solgar (250 Tablets)
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