Double Pedal Exerciser for Arms and Legs Alledal InnovaGoods

Double Pedal Exerciser for Arms and Legs Alledal InnovaGoods

  • Ideal for exercising at home and watching TV at the same time
  • Helps you improve movement and strengthens your arm and leg muscles
  • Ergonomic and helps you maintain the correct posture
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Introducing the Alledal InnovaGoods Double Pedal Exerciser for Arms and Legs - the ultimate exercise companion for those seeking comfort and convenience! This modern marvel allows you to work out while sitting down, making it perfect for home workouts without the need for excessive effort or boredom.

Whether you're catching up on your favorite TV shows or enjoying a movie marathon, this double pedal exerciser ensures you can stay active and fit. It's not just for the elderly or those with reduced mobility; it's designed for anyone with a sedentary lifestyle who wants to improve their movement and strengthen their arm and leg muscles.

With the Alledal InnovaGoods Double Pedal Exerciser, you have the freedom to choose your preferred strength and resistance level for each pedal exerciser separately. Thanks to the two separate threaded controllers, you can easily adjust the intensity to suit your fitness goals. Plus, the height-adjustable feature allows for a more comfortable and effortless workout experience (75-100 cm).

Say goodbye to tired and achy hands! The handlebar of this multifunctional pedal exerciser features massage points that stimulate circulation and provide a relaxing sensation during your exercise routine. Not only does it help you maintain the correct posture, but it also comes with a removable digital activity counter. This nifty gadget allows you to keep track of your calorie burn, making your workouts even more rewarding.

Safety is a top priority, which is why the Alledal InnovaGoods Double Pedal Exerciser is designed with non-slip feet and fastening straps on the pedals. These ensure a firm grip, giving you peace of mind while you work up a sweat. With a maximum weight capacity of 120 kg, this robust exerciser can handle intense sessions without breaking a sweat.

Transporting and storing this exerciser is a breeze, thanks to its easy-to-dismantle design. It comes with clear instructions and assembly tools, making it hassle-free to set up wherever you desire. Crafted from durable materials such as steel, ABS, PP, and PVC, this exerciser is built to last.

Embrace a healthier lifestyle with the Alledal InnovaGoods Double Pedal Exerciser for Arms and Legs. Get ready to experience the joy of exercising while sitting down, with the added benefits of improved movement, strengthened muscles, reduced stress, and gentle joint exercise. Don't miss out on this modern and ergonomic fitness solution - order yours today and start your journey towards a fitter, happier you!

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