15 Best Healthy Snacks to Stay Energized When You're Busy

A busy lifestyle with a healthy diet sounds like an incompatible pair. When you've got a full schedule, chances that you'll grab something quick and healthy between meetings are too high. Add here low daily activity related to office work, and we get 39% of obese adults globally. So isn’t that a good reason to change your eating habits and stick to a healthy snacking instead of grabbing chocolates or pastry?

It’s clear that unhealthy quick snacks can cut both ways by harming your health and reducing productivity in the long term. But there's no need to despair because you still can have wholesome snacks even when super busy. Moreover, preparing these snacks won't take more than 5 minutes of your time. So read on to start your healthy snacking right away!

Why you should practice the “smart snacking” approach?

A smart mix of protein, carbs, and healthy fats will help curb feelings of hungry without feeling too full. Picking what to eat between meals can be tricky as well as managing hunger while keeping the weight off and in shape. Meanwhile, the habits that are necessary to avoid cravings and ensure better nutrition are surprisingly easy. That's where smart snacking comes into play.

This term means picking only healthy and highly nutritive snacks to fuel your body in-between main meals. These snacks should contain a balanced amount of carbs, fats, and protein to make sure your body has everything for healthy functioning. Smart snacking helps you make sure that your stomach is much fuller but not too full so hunger pangs can be curbed efficiently. It may help with managing belly fat, and stress levels, and even encourage you to start eating more healthy foods during meals.

Cheese, nuts, grape, and jam on a plate

The best healthy snacks when you have a busy lifestyle

Did you find it hard to eat healthy when you're running low on time? Don't fret, since most of the healthy snacks we suggest are easy-to-prepare and available in any shop. And what's most appealing that you'll still manage to have a delicious and filling snack! So here are the quick and wholesome snack ideas:

1. Greek yogurt with chopped nuts and berries

Suppose you're looking for a convenient source of protein. In that case, a Greek yogurt is an ultimate option — one 6-ounce (170 g) serving contains from 12 to 17 mg of protein. So it's a filling snack even though it's low in calories. And by adding fresh or frozen berries, you include more vitamins to your diet along with delicious and refreshing flavors. Besides, chopped walnuts or hazelnuts are beneficial when you want to lower your "bad cholesterol" level and get extra fiber to maintain digestion.

Greek yogurt with berries as a healthy snack

2. Beef jerky

If you like meat appetizers and snacks, try to carry a small package of jerky in your bag. Jerky is rich in protein — just one ounce or 28 g portion contains almost 10 grams. It's also low in carbs and includes a lot of iron, zinc, and folate, making it a nutrient-rich snack. When choosing a jerky, prefer those brands that add less sugar and sodium to it to reduce their amount in your diet.

3. Dried fruits

Carrying many fresh fruits in your bag can be an inconvenient option (depending on your bag size). On the other hand, you can always grab dried fruits as a vitamin-rich and filling to-go snack. Plus, they can be even more beneficial than fresh fruits: dried fruits contain more antioxidants and fiber than raw ones. Remember to be careful with portions, since dried fruits contain more sugar, and thus, x3 times more calories.

So you can purchase a ready-made unsweetened dried fruit mix or create yours. If you choose the last options, put together raisins, dried apricots, prunes, and dried mangoes. Then, enjoy them with a cup of hot tea or coffee for a decent snack pause.

Dried bananas, raisins, and prunes for a snack pause

4. Cherry tomatoes with feta cheese and crispbread

Do you know this trending baked feta pasta recipe that went viral on social media lately? We've decided to catch up with the tide and prepared a similar snack recipe for you! A few cherry tomatoes, a small pack of feta cheese, and a couple of crispbreads are all you need.

You can make a quick sandwich from these ingredients or put tomatoes with feta on crispbread and heat them for 30 seconds in a microwave. They'll taste amazing in any form! Besides, 100 g of feta contains more than 16 g of protein, is rich in probiotics and calcium.

5. Fresh fruits with nut butter

Plain fruits can be a pretty dull snack if you eat them regularly. But we have a delicious snack idea to delight your taste buds. Try to eat your banana or apple with a few tablespoons of nut butter. It will add more healthy fats that maintain your heart function and reduce "bad cholesterol" levels. You can choose traditional peanut butter or reach for a trendline almond butter. Just don't forget to pick an unsweetened one to avoid sugar cravings and blood sugar spikes. Besides, watch your portions — just one peanut butter tablespoon has almost 100 calories.

Apples with nut butter for your mid-day snack

6. Cucumbers, baby carrots, and hummus

And here goes the salty version of the previous snack. Veggies with hummus are a great snack idea when you're on the go. Carrots and cucumbers are for vitamins and antioxidants, while hummus is a rich protein, iron, and fiber source. So just dip your veggie bits into hummus to enjoy this tasty and healthy combo.

7. Celery stuffed with cream cheese

If you've never tried stuffed celery, you're missing out. This delicious appetizer can be a part of the holiday's special menu. Still, you can turn it into your quick daily snack too. Plus, celery is bursting with nutrients like vitamin K, folate, calcium, and fiber — that's why it has anti-inflammatory and heart supportive properties. Just cover a few celery stalks, cut in half, with cream cheese (you can choose one with garlic or herbs), and your wholesome snack is ready!

Celery sticks on a table

8. Canned tuna with lemon and crispbreads

Are you feeling like making a fish day? Then, your midday snack can play along! Just make a few amazingly tasting canapes with crispbreads, canned tuna, and a lemon slice at the top. Believe us, your quick lunch will feel like a luxury restaurant visit with this snack.

Moreover, tuna contains many Omega-3 and B-group vitamins to keep you energized and maintain your blood pressure. Meanwhile, lemon will give you a massive dose of vitamin C, and it simply tastes great with fish.

9. Whole-grain toast with ricotta and honey

And what about the snack that's more like a delicate desert? Ricotta and honey will become an excellent filling for your snack toast. Just 100 grams of ricotta contain almost 210 mg of calcium and 10 g of protein, which is exceptional for supporting your bones and giving you long-term energy. Plus, its delicate and fluffy texture is so amazing to taste that you'll love this snack!

In turn, honey has 31 minerals and prebiotics to support your immunity, digestion, and heart health. Cover a whole-grain toast with a few teaspoons of ricotta and top it with honey — then take a bite and forget about everything!

Toasts with honey and ricotta

 10. Baked vegetable chips

If you're craving a snack that at least slightly reminds you of all these unhealthy foods like chips and corn sticks, try eating baked vegetable chips as your mid-day snack. They're healthier than potato chips, containing more fiber, less sodium, and more micronutrients. However, be careful when choosing them in a supermarket — pick only those veggie chips made with less oil and whole veggies, not from their smashed mixes.

11. Whole-grain cereal bar

When it comes to snacking on the run, there's nothing better than quick snack bars. And if you also want to have a healthy nosh, choose whole-grain cereal bars. They contain complex carbs and much fiber to promote good digestion and give you more energy. Besides, such bars usually include nuts and seeds, so they're also rich in healthy fats and micronutrients. Finally, just pick those bars that are low in sugar and artificial flavors.

Whole-grain cereal bars on the counter

12. Protein shake

Are you drinking more than four cups of coffee before lunch? Then why don't you replace at least one of them with a protein shake? You can find plenty of them in shops, and they can serve as a decent snack when you need to sip something. In addition, just one cup of protein shake can contain up to 30 g of protein to keep you energized and full up to the next meal.

13. Trail mix

If you want to contribute to your diet by eating extra healthy snacks, try eating trail mixes between meals. Trail mixes will supply your body with necessary fiber, healthy fats, and nutrients, containing seeds, nuts, and dried fruits. Though nuts are rich in calories, they keep you full for a longer time than low-calorie snacks, so don't be afraid to eat them.

A mix of almonds, cashews, and peanuts as a perfect snack

14. Cottage cheese with dried berries

It's hard to imagine plain cottage cheese as a delicious snack. However, if you mix it with dried berries, you can experience a whole new taste that will be pleasing for your taste buds. Plus, cottage cheese is full of calcium and protein, while dried berries burst with vitamin A, С, folate, and folate. Such a potent mix would benefit your diet and energy level.

15. Popcorn with seasonings

Aside from being a cinema's eternal treat, popcorn is also great as a quick snack! It's surprisingly rich in fiber and antioxidants that improve blood circulation and your healthy digestion. The only thing that can be unhealthy in popcorn are artificial flavors, salt, and sugar; that's why it's better to choose unflavored ones. Or you can prepare popcorn yourself by putting it in the microwave in a paper packet. Then just add some salt and spices (if you have it), and enjoy your light but filling snack!

A vegan popcorn with sea salt in a cup

Wrapping up

As you can see, healthy snacking is not as hard as it seems! And when you're thinking about the quality and content of your snacks, nothing can stand on your way to healthier nutrition! If you find it complicated to keep in mind your snack ideas for the week ahead, keep them in a planner or a planning app.

It will remind you that you should replenish your snacks stocks or pre-made a quick nosh for tomorrow. When you start eating healthy snacks, you will realize that they give you so much energy and efficiency compared to unhealthy ones. If you find these snack ideas helpful, then stay tuned for more insights on health and productivity!