Health Supplements Trends In 2023

Health supplements are becoming popular in the age of self-management and our search for maximum efficiency. We now have a range of supplements that are an indispensable part of our diet. Chances are that you take vitamin D3 pills in winter or zinc when you face the cold.

More attention to healthcare among people seems inexhaustible, and there are no indications that they are slowing down now. Scientists & brands continue to create new supplements nutrient mixes that are trending among healthy lifestyle seekers.

Be it a mushroom coffee or revolutionary sleep herbal mixes, there's a sweet supplement deal for anyone! We strive to keep abreast and be aware of any novelty appearing in the world of supplements. So we've collected all the supplement trends that will hit us in 2023 - dive in and pick something that can help you feel better in the upcoming year.

Sound sleep is a priority: sleep supplements are more popular than ever

Sleep deprivation is dangerously high on our list of causes for concern from doctors and scientists. Sleep deprivation is dangerously high on our list of reasons for concern from doctors and scientists. What used to be entirely natural and not a topic people thought about has become a problem for our society. With artificial light exposure, combined with the other factors of day-to-day life such as alcohol, caffeine, and stimulants, our sleep routine leaves much to be desired.

 a man is sleeping with a dog on the bed

Just imagine - according to research, more than 70% of adults prefer to sleep well than get a promotion. No wonder sleep-inducing supplements continue to hit the markets - demand for it is growing yearly. The survey made in 2021 claims that around 80% of adults would like to take some sleep-improving supplements.

Melatonin - a trend that's here to stay forever

One of the leaders among sleep supplements - melatonin - is a trend that has become a staple that will probably stay with us forever. The survey shows that almost every third of adults are taking it to improve sleep quality and routine. One of the latest revolutionary melatonin products is melatonin diffusers - but hey, we're talking about nutritional supplements here! 2023 will be rich in melatonin gummies, powders, sprays, and drinks - try and see which one suits you best.

Sleep chocolate - a yummy alternative to pills

Another sleep supplement trend that sweet tooths will enjoy is sleep-inducing chocolate. The Functional Chocolate Co. has recently introduced its Sleepy Chocolate. It's a choco bar infused with herbals such as valerian, chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm extracts. Besides, it also contains the benefits of melatonin and magnesium. It should soothe you before bedtime and help you sleep soundly without any lingering effects in the morning.

Multifunctional sleep supplements - all-in-one support

After discovering the usage of single-nutrient sleep supplements, no one could stop us from going even further and craving multiple benefits from the supplements. Well, we're not talking about multivitamins since they could be not so helpful sometimes. It's all about multifunctional sleep supplements that can target multiple goals while also helping you fall asleep.

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For example, you can find products that support your healthy sleep routine while aiding muscle recovery or skin repair processes. The uniqueness of such products is that they work in synergy and feature curated dosages - unlike plain multivitamins. Therefore, they target particular sleep & health goals instead of delivering general support.

Immunity boosters: more popular than ever before

Another trend that occurred as a result of the new brave post-covid world relates to immunity-boosting supplements. Health concerns led to an increased interest in supplements that can support the natural body's protection. Covid showed that zinc and vitamin D could sometimes work better than drugs. They showed great results in helping post-disease recovery and relieving unpleasant disease symptoms.

Bioflavonoids: a new solution to keep your immunity protected

Herbal supplements are steadily gaining popularity among healthy lifestyle seekers due to their potential strong effects and natural origin. We are all familiar with immunity-strengthening qualities of such nutrients as vitamin C or iron. So it's time to discover more helpful supplements that can bring you back on track!

Bioflavonoids are a new star in supplements that may boost your immunity. These are natural anti-inflammatory compounds present in vegetables and fruits. According to the research, bioflavonoids may help your body form an immune response to viruses and bacteria while also strengthening your body's protection against free radicals. There are plenty of bioflavonoid mixes available in supplement form, so you don't need to eat tons of veggies fruits to get them.

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Immunity tea drinks: heart-warming support for your health

The centuries-old folk remedy of brewing a cup of tea from medicinal herbs is now famous as possible help for immunity-building. Tea drinks get attention among the increasing number of people worldwide seeking an herbal and healthy way to maintain their immunity. In the long run, immunity tea comes as substantial support for people who prefer only natural nutrient sources. They also facilitate your wellness to stay in equilibrium because your body consistently acquires the nutrients it requires for its peak functionality.

Immunity teas may provide various benefits related to immunity assistance. Herbal immunity teas may make the respiratory system defense sturdy, together with reducing flu cold symptoms. Caffeine content levels appear to have drawbacks on memory retention, calming you down during periods of disease-related stress & anxiety.

A cup of immunity tea might be all you need when you're feeling under the weather and want a cup of warm tea to take the chill off. These drinks vary in flavor, so they can also become a soothing companion on your journey back to a healthy you.

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Trending supplement forms types

Along with regular supplement types that have already been a part of the "golden pantheon," brands scientists continue to create new ones, improving their content.

Gummy supplements: a chewy-like trend in supplements

We have a vast range of dietary supplements on the market – powders, tablets, and drinks that contain our nutritional needs. Now our variety has expanded with the new type - Gummie supplements.

Gummy supplements are nutrients in a shape of a gummy that is easy to chew and contain beneficial ingredients for your health. It's available in various tastes, which makes it much more enjoyable than taking a pill!

Delicious taste & soft texture makes gummy vitamins a better deal than any powdered or pill supplements. Besides, their taste turns these vitamins into a savory treat, meaning you'll be waiting for your vitamin intake just like you crave your morning coffee.

Yet, try to stick to less sugary ones and carefully watch the dosage because, despite the sweet taste, gummies may contain high dosages of various nutrients. Eating too many chewy vitamins at once may make you overdose & cause side effects.

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Supplement subscriptions: a time-saving way to get your nutrients

With nutrition being a huge part of everyone's daily lives, people want to ensure that they're putting the right ingredients in their bodies. Supplements provide nutrients that are either deficient or in need of replenishment.

There are many options with suggestions and controversy regarding certain diets and supplements. Yet, choosing supplements can be difficult annoying. One of the easiest solutions many lean toward is subscribing to a supplement package delivered regularly.

Supplement packages are arriving in your mailbox swiftly through a monthly subscription, so it's as if you have a hand-picked health consultant at your disposal daily. Subscription services also take away the responsibility of determining what kind of supplement you need. You just need to pass quizzes or blood tests, and the service will let you take care of your wellness routine all at once. That sounds like a pretty good deal!

Coffee alternatives: more than just caffeine

Coffee continues to be the most consumed drink worldwide. Still, the traditional roles of coffee are now shifting, and it seems to be moving in a new direction. The overall market of coffee faces two competing dynamics: the deceleration of demand and the appearance of coffee substitutes. Alternative brews that include more than just caffeine offer a society-driven way for consumers to get their energy fix without drinking the same old cup a day.

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Mushroom coffee

Mushroom coffee is growing in popularity as an alternative to regular coffee due to its lower caffeine content. It does not have the same effects on mood and alertness as regular coffee, making it a healthier and more sustainable alternative for those who want a jolt of energy.

Mushrooms have been used as a natural energy booster for years now. We have evidence of science confirming their ability to improve mental performance, making it pretty easy to associate them with work-enhancing capabilities.

When containing such mushroom blends as maitake, shiitake, or Reishi, it also has additional health-boosting effects, like strengthening your immunity or improving wound healing. Mushroom coffee tastes somewhat similar to regular joe with a slightly earthy aftertaste. Still, two tweaks make this drink perfect for picky drinkers:

  • Adding organic or biodynamic quality water
  • Usage of whole milk instead of skimmed milk or cream
  • Brewing it for a longer time to allow the scent to uncover

Turmeric coffee

Regular coffee has a high content of caffeine and various related stimulants, which can lead to feelings of nervousness and shakiness. Turmeric coffee is a perfect alternative to regular coffee since it has no side effects. Yet, it delivers multiple benefits that contribute to overall well-being.

a cup of turmeric coffee on the table

Working people relying on instant or ready-to-go coffees need a substitute just as strong without the painful side effects. Turmeric coffee can be a perfect option for them. Numerous studies show that drinking juices made with turmeric make people healthier by functioning as an anti-inflammatory agent and lowering cholesterol levels in the body. So when mixed with such ingredients as ginger, back pepper, or cinnamon, turmeric could turn into a perfectly healthy & energizing drink.

Yerba Mate tea

Yerba Mate tea is a dark leaf originally native to Argentina and Paraguay, where people brewed it for centuries. The natives of those countries typically prepare it by the infusion method in a tea pitcher or maté gourd.

You should consume Yerba Mate much differently than coffee. Whereas coffee relies on roasted coffee beans ground into a powder, Yerba Mate is a drink from steamed, dried leaves. You can think of these two drinks this way: one provides quick bursts of energy while the other is a more sustained source. Survey shows that consuming Yerba Mate may help you relieve fatigue and help you stay energized for longer periods compared to the coffee effects.

Unexpected trending supplements: what you could've missed

Aside from the well-known supplements trending, you could also find rising stars among nutrients. You'll barely see these supplements in ads, yet knowledgeable people are well aware of them & their benefits. Are you ready to join them & try something new?

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Animal organs supplements: an enriched source of nutrients

If you're a vegan, stop reading here. If not, you can try the whole-new supplement trend - animal organ supplements. It sounds creepy, but these supps could be way more effective in supplying your body with a direct source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids than synthetic supplements.

Manufacturers create animal organ supplements by freeze-drying or desiccating the particular animal's organ, blending it into the powder, and creating capsules.

You can find desiccated beef liver capsules, rich in B vitamins, iron, copper, and amino acids. Another option is animal thymus gland supplements, which may level up your immune health and body's protection. There are also supplements made of the beef adrenal gland, supporting your hormonal health, and animal spleen supps, contributing to your heart support. Bovine collagen, which hits all the supplement charts now, will be more in demand in 2023. It's also made of animal bones to support skin elasticity and cartilage health.

NAC supplement: hard-to-pronounce future favorite of your pill box

Since amino acids are already a staple of any person who workout or takes supplements, you may be surprised there is still something new in this type. So meet the new amino-acid trend that will be extremely popular in 2023 - NAC or N-acetyl cysteine supplement. It's a better-absorbed form of the semi-essential amino acid cysteine.

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There's plenty of evidence to suggest that NAC is important for various health reasons. This amino acid can help replenish glutathione and offer benefits such as helping with chronic respiratory conditions, fertility, and brain health. Interest in NAC supplements has risen over the past year up to 47%. We may explain its popularity - it helps support lung health suffering during the hard covid years.

Meanwhile, this black horse in the world of supplements has way more to give you. It helps:

  • detoxify the liver and kidneys
  • contribute to your brain health by regulating other amino acids levels in your body
  • maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • strengthen your immune protection

Are you already eager to add it to your pillbox?