Top-11 Supplements to Level-Up Your Stamina & Brain Performance

What is the lifestyle you were always imagining? Coping with all work tasks yet having energy for your friends and family afterward? Or maybe you dreamed of standing out among your colleagues and uncovering your true potential? Yet, there are times when we may be so busy that it becomes hard to lead the lifestyle. As a result, we turn to supplements like vitamins and minerals to stay energized and productive throughout the day.

One way these supplements may help is by boosting your energy levels, which can drop during periods of intense stress or when you don't get enough rest. These nutrients can make it easier for you to finish your tasks at work, exercise more often, or spend time with family members.

Besides, certain supplements can directly affect your brain cells to supply them with energy, improve your thinking skills, support memory, and affect your creativity. So they may become decent support for your work productivity if you select the proper ones! However, finding the right ones from the wide variety of products on the market is challenging. That's why we decided to create a compilation of helpful & efficient supplements that targets energy and productivity.

Supplements for improving your energy & brain productivity

1. Ginseng

Among herbal supplements, Asian ginseng is one of the most popular ones. You can find it almost in any form: pills, tea, powder, energy drink, or gummies. Still, most people underestimate ginseng since they don't know its exact benefits. As for the research, ginseng supplements could help normalize blood glucose levels. Ginseng may also reduce cold or flu symptoms and strengthen overall immunity. Meanwhile, this herbal supplement can boost your energy and cognitive performance.

Ginseng for energy

Ginseng supplement is well-known among athletes due to its energizing properties. It promotes your mitochondria's (energy-producing cells) function. Ginseng may also reduce oxidative stress, making you less tired during regular activity and workouts. A study shows that ginseng may also reduce chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms, affecting 24 million people worldwide. Numerous surveys claim ginseng can also boost your physical exercise capacity. By taking ginseng supplements, you may increase your physical endurance and make your workouts more efficient.

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Ginseng for brain

Ginseng is a potent memory-supporting treatment if you want to protect your brain from memory loss and dementia. A study says ginseng can improve your alertness, mental processing, reaction time, and motor function. This herbal supplement is second to none for boosting your cognitive performance.

Ginseng supplements can also affect your mental health. Scientists suppose that taking it may improve your mood and reduce depression symptoms and anxiety. Thus, if you want to get your productivity and work performance on a better track, a ginseng supplement is the ultimate solution to achieve this goal.

2. Collagen

Collagen is a well-known supplement among those who work out or care about their looks. Simply put, collagen is a protein that holds your body together, supporting your tissues and skin health. It helps your body create new cells instead of the dead ones, fight inflammation, and reduce blood sugar levels. And aside from these fantastic health benefits, it can promote your product and increase stamina.

Collagen for energy

According to the research, collagen supplements may improve metabolism, helping your body get more energy from digestion. Collagen is rich in glycine — this amino acid is involved in much biochemical energy production.

One of the prominent glycine roles is to assist your body in creating red blood cells that deliver oxygen throughout the essential organs and muscles. Thus, it can improve your workout performance and boost your stamina, endurance, and muscle growth.

Collagen for brain

Collagen supplements can also be a powerful brain booster (see, it's not just about energy and muscles). It regulates your central neural system due to its crucial role in the metabolism of micronutrients your brain uses to get power. Glycine maintains an electrolyte balance, helping your nerves create impulses and transmit them.

Thus, a collagen supplement is at your service if you want to boost your thinking or reaction speed. Furthermore, collagen may help people who find it hard to concentrate when surrounded by numerous distractions. It can block visual noises and sounds so that you can focus intensely on a particular assessment.

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3. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a common remedy to treat hormonal disbalances. This herbal supplement, also called Indian ginseng, is an adaptogenic herb that helps your body resist all stressors. It has anti-inflammatory and immunity-strengthening properties. This herb is also a helpful remedy to prevent colds and protect your body's defensive system.

Ashwagandha for energy

If a fit, energized body is your goal during workouts, consider taking an ashwagandha supplement to promote muscle strength and activity. It also benefits your energy level because ashwagandha improves cardiovascular endurance and lowers overall weakness.

Ashwagandha for brain

Constant work pressure is one of those things making us sick every day, causing tiredness, anxiety, and irritation. You can take ashwagandha supplements to find your zen in work and personal life. Various surveys have proven this herb can soothe your tensed brain and calm your mind.

Another brain beneficial ashwagandha property links to stress. Taking it reduces your body's cortisol level (stress hormone) and normalizes your pulse and blood pressure. Studies also say this herbal supplement can boost cognitive performance, increasing work productivity.

4. Omega-3

There's a reason for dietitians to promote eating fish so persistently. You can find three Omega-3 fatty acids in a specific range of foods: ALA is present in plant oils like soy oil and flaxseed, while most seafood is rich in EPA and DHA. And when you get plenty of ALA, as it's a component of many snacks and sugary foods, your body can significantly lack two other fatty acids.

Salmon, goldfish meal with caviar, vegetables close up

Statistics are terrific because surveys in the US and Germany have shown that only 2% of people have an optimal EPA and DHA level. What's more, the lack of Omega-3 acids causes more than 90,000 deaths among US residents. Omega-3 deficiency can be a reason for minor symptoms like itchy rash or severe health disorders like cardiovascular diseases and rheumatoid arthritis.

Taking Omega-3 fatty acid as a supplement is an excellent substitution for eating fish, as they provide all the benefits with a small pill (no need to cook, hooray!). Omega-3 may help avoid cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, supports your joints, contributes to your blood vessels' health, and promotes metabolism. But how can Omega-3 supplements help you when you're a busy career professional?

Omega-3 for energy

There's no such evidence that Omega-3 supplements can increase your energy level in the long term. Although, it enhances your physical performance, boosts vitality and endurance, and allows you to get better results from workouts. Among the possible, physically beneficial Omega-3 effects are lower heart rate and increased muscle-building response, which will help you do your best in the gym.

Omega-3 for brain

Primarily, by taking an Omega-3 supplement, you promote your brain health. These fatty acids build and protect cell membranes throughout the brain to fight free radicals. Additionally, with sufficient amounts of Omega-3, your brain works less complicated but achieves more significant results when performing cognitive tasks. Omega-3 supplements can also protect your memory and lower your risks of dementia, Alzheimer's, and other memory-related issues. It can also boost your learning capabilities, which helps you get a promotion soon or stand out from your colleagues.

5. Guarana

If you have ever tried sports drinks, you should know that guarana fruit is a trending supplement with many benefits. Slimming people take it to lose weight; athletes add it to their drinks to perform better during workouts. And students consume it before exams to boost their thinking speed. But how can guarana supplements help a busy career professional?


Guarana for energy

The main reason why guarana is such a popular ingredient for soft and sports drinks is that it can reduce tiredness and boost your energy level. Guarana seeds contain caffeine and two related plant chemicals, so its stimulating effect is beyond question. Research has found a long-term intake of guarana supplements reduces weakness and fatigue symptoms.

Study proves guarana supplement can stimulate your body to produce more energy, which is beneficial during weight-lifting or endurance training workouts. This herbal supplement is also of much help if taken before workouts. It enhances your capabilities during exercises and makes you less tired after them.

Guarana for brain

But don't think about guarana as only a supplement to boost your stamina. It is also an excellent solution to improve your cognitive function! Research has discovered guarana supplements allow you to perform complicated mental tasks with better results. Plus, it increases your thinking speed and accuracy in the process, ensuring a higher quality of task results.

6. Creatine

In a nutshell, creatine is an organic acid popular among athletes for its muscle-building and stamina-boosting effects. Creatine intake can increase your glucose tolerance, protecting you from diabetes. This supplement also supports your cardiovascular health, increasing blood flow and vasodilation. Plus, surveys showed creatine could lower your pressure. Still, this supplement's most substantial effects link energy and mental productivity.

One scoop of white creatine monohydrate powder

Creatine for energy

This supplement is among the best to increase your energy for workouts and daily activities. It helps your body create more ATP energy cells in the muscles for a prolonged activity boost. Besides, long-term creatine intake volumizes your muscle cells, which increases your body's ability to synthesize protein and store more glycogen for energy production.

As for endurance and strength benefits, creatine helps grow muscle mass, boost exercise performance, increase vitality, and promote tissue health. It also has a powerful recovery effect and injury-preventing properties. Thus, consider taking a creatine supplement to make the most of your workouts and become more energized during daily activities.

Creatine for brain

Despite being considered a supplement for athletes, creatine is an excellent brain supporter influencing various cognitive processes. The survey proves creatine supplement promotes working memory, speed processing, and intelligence, allowing you to show better results in complicated cognitive tasks. Besides, creatine gives your brain more energy, primarily due to its ATP-boosting properties.

Furthermore, creatine works like your brain defender — studies claim it can protect you from Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases and also lower your risks of Alzheimer's. By taking creatine supplements, you increase your concentration and learning skills, making you more productive during work.

7. Ginkgo biloba

Suppose you want to choose a supplement suitable for all occasions. In that case, this Chinese herbal remedy with a difficult-to-spell name is what you need. In other words, ginkgo Biloba bursts with benefits to your health and productivity. It supports the cardiovascular system, protects your body from free radicals due to its powerful antioxidant properties, and improves your kidneys' function. But aside from direct health benefits, ginkgo Biloba can make you energized and productive too.

Ginkgo biloba for energy

Ginkgo biloba supports blood flow, helping your body supply muscles with energy and exercise for a longer time. Although this supplement doesn't give you extra power, it can improve your workout performance. By taking it, you can also reduce after-workout recovery time and muscle soreness to bounce back quickly.

Ginkgo biloba for brain

When you face trouble memorizing many daily tasks, take a ginkgo Biloba supplement to support your memory. Survey shows it improves your working memory, processing speed, and reaction time. Meanwhile, this miraculous herbal supplement will help relieve pain without taking medications if you struggle with migraines.

After testing the ginkgo Biloba effect against age-related brain function disorders, studies suggested it can healthily help your brain age. Moreover, taking a ginkgo Biloba supplement can enhance your mood and calmness, allowing you to focus on the essential tasks and not become overstressed.

Ginkgo Leaves and a Strainer

8. Melatonin

When the dark comes, your body produces melatonin hormone, preparing you to sleep. It gives your brain a signal of the best time to fall asleep, maintaining your circadian rhythms. Scientists claim melatonin supplements can support your eye health and visual clarity. Taking it is also helpful if you want more energy and productivity.

Melatonin for energy

Poor sleep quality is one of the leading reasons why people worldwide are constantly tired. And melatonin was called a sleep hormone for a specific reason. Suppose you're feeling troubled before sleeping or spending hours at night thinking about problems and work issues. In that case, a melatonin supplement can help you fall asleep.

The survey showed that taking melatonin supplements two hours before bed can make you nod faster and sleep tighter. Besides, melatonin is also an excellent remedy for struggling with insomnia. It does an excellent job of fixing your circadian rhythms when they're all messed up. And if your work routine includes frequent flights and business trips, this hormone is a proven remedy for jet lag.

Melatonin for brain

Melatonin is not just about quality sleep. A recent study proves it is beneficial for your cognitive performance — it keeps memories in your brain and protects you from mental decline effects. Thus, if your work demands good memory skills, consider taking a melatonin supplement to increase your productivity.

Besides, melatonin is a potent remedy for relieving depression symptoms. The survey has found that taking melatonin supplements can help you overcome a seasonal affective disorder, such as winter depression.

sleeping person

9. Rhodiola Rosea

This herb, also called "golden root," is a true treasure for your stamina. Rhodiola Rosea supplements may help soothe the symptoms of mental disorders like bipolar disorder, relieve oxidative stress, and support normal blood glucose levels. Plus, it can reduce your risks of getting bladder and colon cancers. Still, Rhodiola Rosea's main perks are all about boosting your energy level and cognitive performance.

Rhodiola Rosea for energy

Do you work overtime often or have irregular working hours? Fret no more because the Rhodiola Rosea supplement can alleviate your tiredness and make you more active during the day. Then fatigue should be your daily companion, leaving no strength for personal affairs in the evening.

Simultaneously, this herb also boosts your physical endurance and decreases heart rate, allowing you to exercise more with less stress on your heart muscle. Thus, if you want to get more energy for things aside from work and work out efficiently, consider taking a Rhodiola Rosea supplement.

Rhodiola Rosea for brain

Everyday stresses quickly drain your energy, disrupting you from achieving essential career and life goals. If you find it hard to wake up every day, life loses its taste, and everything seems so worthless, you're facing a mental breakdown. And that's where Rhodiola Rosea can help you. Studies claim it restores motivation, reduces daytime sleepiness, and supports your memory.

rhodiola rosea and a cup of tea

And since it's a standard treatment for mental disorders, Rhodiola Rosea supplement fights depression and anxiety. It's also a powerful remedy for such symptoms as insomnia or emotional instability, which allows you to be more efficient in your chosen field.

10. Citrulline

This amino acid, named after a watermelon, is involved in the urea cycle, helping you eliminate harmful fluids through the urine. Its main benefits are blood pressure regulation, healthy blood flow support, and protecting your body from infections. Although, it can also help if you want to become efficient and energized.

Citrulline for energy

Citrulline helps your body supply your muscles with oxygen, which allows you to exercise more and with higher intensity. This amino acid's main property to maintain blood flow also links to the energy-boosting effect. One study shows taking citrulline supplements helps athletes do up to 50% more exercise repetitions.

Moreover, citrulline supplements can reduce your overall fatigue and stimulate you to be active during the day. It will also help you boost endurance before the hard-working day or when you need to move a lot since citrulline relieves muscle soreness.

Citrulline for brain

This amino acid is also helpful in protecting your brain and enhancing its performance. As citrulline helps to deliver oxygen throughout your body, it also affects the brain. And with more oxygen, your brain performance will rise — you'll be able to think clearly, quickly make decisions, and won't be stuck with complicated tasks.

Citrulline also promotes vasodilation, which reduces headaches and boosts your cognitive function. By taking this amino acid supplement, you can increase your memory capacity and lower your risks of getting Alzheimer's.

11. Caffeine

coffee on the table

Every day we drink more than two billion cups of coffee. For some, that's a habit or a morning ritual. You should realize how many benefits caffeine brings. The most potent effect caffeine has on your energy and cognitive performance.

Caffeine for energy

Surprisingly, caffeine can't boost your energy the way we think. Scientists claim that caffeine suppresses adenosine molecules' effect, making us tired and sleepy. Caffeine supplement instantly affects your body — it makes you alert and vigorous. Plus, it prevents dizziness that may occur in the middle of a monotonous working day.

Caffeine also increases your power output, which will help you perform your best during workouts and increase your training volume. Even a small dose of caffeine can improve your endurance. A recent study has shown caffeine supplements increase maximal strength and speed up after-workout recovery.

Caffeine for brain

Aside from energy benefits, caffeine is a great brain booster considering all its cognitive benefits. A study says you can enhance your reaction and choice speed and incidental verbal memory by taking caffeine supplements.

Another research proves caffeine supplements can enhance concentration and help you focus on a particular task. Meanwhile, caffeine also has mood-enhancing properties — according to the study, people who drink coffee are less likely to face depression. By taking caffeine supplements, you can also avoid drinking sugary coffee. And as you already know, sugary drinks may enhance your blood glucose level, make you dizzy, or induce brain fog.